I gave a talk last month about obesity and pregnancy. I had an inkling it wouldn’t be a well accepted topic.  I have this image in my head that very few people are as interested in obesity as I am; and that probably for the most part American’s are sick of hearing that they should maintain a healthy weight. I didn’t get booed off the podium.  I actually had a few women ask questions when I was done, and a few who felt inspired that they really needed to take their own health more seriously. I had three main points: 1. If at least 1Read More →

I know many of the women I work with are opposed to vaccines.  So I have decided it is necessary for me to have the best understanding possible so I know when to definitely recommend a vaccine, when to definitely recommend against, and how to help the parents understand the risks and benefits. The first thing I often hear is that women want nothing to do with a vaccine in pregnancy, fearing it is unsafe for the baby.  This often comes up with the influenza vaccine.  CDC guidelines are clear that pregnant women should get the vaccine, but do you know why they recommend that? 1.  TheRead More →

I had the opportunity to attend a women’s health conference last week.  Not much on pregnancy, mostly preventing cervical cancer.  But one important take home point for everyone working with pregnant women. The latest guidelines for pregnancy will be to perform a PAP test ONLY if the PAP is due.  It will not be a routine part of the prenatal visit. And when it is due depends on many things, like the age of the woman and what type of testing she had for her last PAP and the results.  For example, if a woman has a negative PAP with HPV testing, she should notRead More →

I’ve had my first “traumatic” experience.  One of the clients I worked with was having difficulty managing her blood pressure and it of course spiked into dangerous territory. I knew this was a possibility, I knew it happened to some women.  But until recently, I never personally knew anyone it had happened to. Before nursing school, I sort of understood blood pressure was a measure of overall health. I didn’t really know what it meant or why it was important.  I just knew if it wasn’t good you would be told to stop adding salt to your food. Some would say nursing school has madeRead More →