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Centering Pregnancy

There is another way to think about prenatal care, centering pregnancy. In this model of care, women meet in groups to discuss their concerns and celebrate together.  The women take charge of their prenatal care, performing much of the prenatal assessment themselves. The best part, this model seems to work. What This Means to You [...]

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Basics of Prenatal Care

I thought you might like to see some recommendations for prenatal care.  Grab a cup of tea, these are long documents. The American Academy of Family Physicians offers these  recommendations for Prenatal Care Counseling. The Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement offers these guidelines for Routine Prenatal Care. Rocky Mountain Health Plans offers this printable brochure for Prenatal [...]

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Benefits of Prenatal Care

This week I want to spend some time looking at the various benefits (assumed and proven) of prenatal care.  One thing we know, women who have some form of prenatal care have better outcomes in labor than women who have no prenatal care. Why might this be? One reason may be the opportunity prenatal care gives for identifying and [...]

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