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Understanding Data – the variable

A big part of understanding the statistics in research is understanding what is behind the data. What the data actually is, and how you obtain the data determine the types of statistical tests you will use. If you have been reading research, you probably already have an idea about most of the terms we will [...]

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What is Statistics

When I first began to read original research papers, I would skim over the statistical part to get to the conclusions.  I understood statistics enough to tell if group A and B were different, and since the rest didn’t make sense to me I skipped it. I’m a little wiser now, and have a strong [...]

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Did you have a traumatic childbirth experience?

A Study out of the University of the Sunshine Coast is looking for parents, both men and women, over 18 years old who feel the birth experience with their child was traumatic. From the website: The volunteers will be invited to complete an online survey containing 121 questions which will take approximately 20 to 30 [...]

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May 26th, 2014 Research

The Uterus is NOT a Sterile Environment

No, researchers don’t have a way to test the uterus per se, but a group did find a way to test placentas. That’s right…a group of researchers went searching for microorganisms in placentas. They found some.  The study is showcased in a story at the New York Times. So what does this mean? We can’t [...]

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May 22nd, 2014 Research

The Birth Worker Survey

To prepare for our summer of statistics, I’ve put together a short survey for you – the readers.  It is a simple survey asking a few questions about your beliefs about childbirth and your birth work.  We will use the results to talk about research statistics so we can become better readers of research. So [...]

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A Fun New Project

I’m contemplating a new project for the summer.  I want to help you, my audience, become better consumers of research.  This isn’t a new idea, I have actually been thinking about it for over a year.  But the reality of being in a PhD program by day and mom by night is not really a [...]

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Translating Research

Last week my class performed a mock review of our class projects.  The class projects are sample grants we might submit to fund our research.  The writing process is challenging, with only a few pages to make your case, proving the topic is important, the study you’ve designed will answer the question, and you are [...]

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Getting Birth Research Funded

When I first started in birth work, I wondered why such obvious good questions were not researched.  As I learned more I began to understand the problems of good research, and why certain types of studies would likely never be done (what woman wants to be randomized to epidural or not?)  This week I am [...]

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Apr 16th, 2014 Research

How does science become science?

Just found an interesting site for those who want to improve their ability to understand research articles.  I haven’t dug too far into it yet, but seems promising:   Sense about Science  

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Dec 11th, 2013 Research

Infertility from Various Angles

I’ve decided to dig deeper into infertility for one of my class papers.  It is paper number three in a series of short essays on the mechanisms that lead to different health outcomes.  The previous two focused on disparities in cesarean and how stress doesn’t affect breastfeeding. The essays are limited to three pages in [...]

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Nov 11th, 2013 Research

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