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Spring Break Catch-up

I am about half-way through the second semester, which brings me to spring break.  For me it is merely a week to catch up, and I spent the first couple hours this morning cleaning and organizing emails, contact lists and calendars.  I have three conferences coming up, so part of that time was ensuring all […]

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Being Honest about Evidence Based Care

The next piece of hypocrisy for me to tackle is the idea that my style of care is more evidence based than someone else’s idea of evidence based. I love the natural birth community for many things, evidence based care is not one of them. Much of what my community supports for birth is good, […]

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Being Honest With Yourself

I’ve come to accept that I lie to myself, even though I could never successfully lie to anyone else.  I’ve also come to accept this is a pretty normal human condition.  It seems we lie to ourselves more often than anyone else.  I lie about how much food I eat and how healthy it is. […]

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End of the Semester

Today I have my first day of rest in months. I have no homework, no papers, no tests, nothing to do.  But not really. I still have two days at the hospital this week, and I need to prepare. I need to update the website and prepare my business accounts for the end of the […]

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Semester Nearly Ended

I wish I could tell you that I was excited about the semester being nearly over, but honestly I’m not.  I have one last paper to write (an issue brief on suggested policy change for midwifery) and two exams, so the workload is not a big deal.  It is the clinical time that is overwhelming […]

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The World Didn’t End?!

Just a reminder to myself that I stepped away from my internet “duties” and the world kept right on spinning.  Good thing to keep in mind when the birth world gets a little hectic.

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So last night I couldn’t sleep.  I have a few busy weeks coming up and my mind would not let go of all the work I need to do.  I hate nights like that, when I am so tired but my body will not fall asleep. Needless to say, I am finding it hard to […]

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Of Hot Cocoa and Pajamas

I wisely signed up for a class being held the week before school starts.  Two credits towards my MPH in 5 days on a topic I find interesting, bring it on. As I finished up my last minute projects on Friday I wished for one more day to feel ready before school started.  It seems my […]

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What do you give up?

Over the last few days I have been crocheting a blanket my son and I started last winter. Just a small baby blanket made from yarn he picked out himself. It had been stuffed in a bag, set aside because school and moving and family life made me too busy to finish it. But I […]

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Juggling life with technology

I wanted to share a few secrets I have for managing such a complicated life.  Some of them may help you manage the chaos that comes with birth related work.  But as with any technology, choose wisely.  What seems like a blessing may really become a curse. My first secret is a Google calendar. Not […]

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