I had every intention of writing something educational for you before I leave for the birth center, but the truth is I’m feeling very overwhelmed at the moment. I need to catch up on reading because I know I’m the type of learner that does best when I read the textbooks.  So the blog cannot be my priority right now. Which really brings up a good point – you need to know your priorities.  Birth work, any kind, can take as much of your time as you let it.  I know there have been seasons in my life where it was a joy to spend hours helping otherRead More →

I have a confession to make, I’m exhausted. It’s true.  I’m tired and have difficulty focusing on my reading as long as I feel I should.  I’m pulled in many directions and even missed a deadline to sign up for a class I really was hoping to participate in.  I’m over-booked, which left very little reserve time for family illness. Of course we had to deal with family illness in the midst of my busiest weeks. This happens to everyone, and it will periodically happen to you too. If it is chronic (meaning you always feel this way) you need to take a step backRead More →

About six months after I started teaching natural childbirth I noticed something wrong with my life…I wasn’t exactly living the way I was teaching my families to live.  Yes, I paid some attention to eating healthy and I would exercise from time to time. But my life definitely did not reflect what I was telling others to do. It is a humbling day when you realize you expect more of others than you do yourself. I had to really ask myself if I believed nutrition and exercise were the keys to living healthy.  If I really believed it, what did the way I was living say aboutRead More →