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We were so excited to meet Georgette, and the training would not have been successful without her. On the first day as we discussed eating in pregnancy the women complained that they could not eat well because they did not have money. I was getting ready to give a rehearsed answer about doing the best […]

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Around Nayngezi

Our nightly walks put us face to face with the people of Nayngezi. We were able to greet them in Swahili and even learned traditional greetings in the local language. That’s right, three different languages are spoken in Nayngezi and we didn’t always know witch one was being used. Here is the Army camp up […]

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Midwives Garden

One of the sessions was used to help the women from each village determine how they could support themselves working as midwives. Their husbands would not allow them to help women if they could not make money. The midwives from Nayngezi had already decided before the training began to prepare a garden they would share. […]

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The Shilo Center has some wildlife, because it is run like a farm. There are goats, which I chased out of the kitchen several times before the ladies asked me why I hated goats. They thought it was funny that I didn’t want them near the food, since they considered near the warm fires the […]

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Positions for Labor

We had a very fun experience teaching positions for labor and comfort measures. We were pretty sure some of these women had not been touched except by their husband or children in years. Getting them comfortable with touch was a priority. We started by giving them lotion and teaching them to perform hand massages. It […]

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Many of the women brought their children to the training with them. We also meet many of the children of Nayngezi on our evening walks.

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Rest of the Training: Singing and Dancing

The women, some of whom did not learn to read, were not comfortable with long study sessions. The days were broken up with singing and dancing, and a long rest for lunch.

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Day Five: Healthy Pregnancy

We started the day with a big laugh. I had purchased a very large stretchy dress to bring on the trip, and stuffed the dress with a teaching model and some towels. The women laughed hysterically when I walked in with a big pregnant belly. The women spent the day learning how to check pulse […]

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Day Five: Training Begins

The day stared with bead, eggs and coffee. It was to become the standard meal while under Amina’s care since she had no idea what to feed the American women. Things began looking up when Flory arrived early in the day with a van full of women. We had not been abandoned, the training would […]

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Day Four: Alone

We knew the group from the US was leaving that afternoon, and had expected Amina and Flory to join us. We spent the morning exploring the center and upon our first exit from the building were greeted by a man at the clinic who asked if we had something for him. We retreated to the […]

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