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Day Three: To Nayngezi

Having experienced the shock of the poverty the day before, I was better prepared for the drive back out to Nayngezi. We stopped for bread, and while we waited in the car we watched the police hassle drivers to get money out of them. I just kept thinking “please don’t drive down that road, we […]

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Day Three: Plans begin to change

We had thought the plan was to leave for Nayngezi the next day when Flory returned from his trip. It had been decided for us that our training would not start until Wednesday for various reasons we did not understand that included the presence of the other US group and the arrangements for transporting the […]

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Day Two: Spending the Night in Bukavu

We had no idea where we were going to spend the night in Bukavu. As it turned out, Flory’s cousin had a house in Bukavu and he had arranged for us to spend the night there. The house was nice in Bukavu standards. It overlooked Lake Kivu and was next door to the General’s house. […]

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Day Two: Driving to Bukavu

We drove out of Uvira and saw some of the highlights of life in the Congo. For example, the women doing the laundry in the river. We started to see some of the variety of architecture we associate with Africa, such as the round hut. We even had opportunity to stop by a roadside stand […]

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Day Two: Uvira

After the exciting ride out of Bujumbura we were at the boarder to the Congo. You are not allowed to take photos at the boarder so I will have to describe it. First, you come to a gate and have to get out of the car. You go to a small dimly lit room where […]

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Day Two: Leaving Bujumbura

Driving to Bukavu from Bujumbura was an adventure. Flory began calling it our “Safari” and we complained about the lack of lions. As we wrote before, city streets in this part of the world are busy places. They may not have the heavy motor traffic seen in more developed countries, but the motor vehicles are […]

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Day One: Bujumbura

We were picked up at the airport and taken to a hotel for pastors. At only $10 a night the price was right, but we were not able to leave the hotel without Flory. We walked to the market and down to the lake to see some of the sights. This is Flory and Amina […]

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Back in Bujumbura

We were not successful at hiring a car and driver to do a safari, so we took the bus back to Bujumbura. our flight is not until Tuesday, so we have a few days to visit the town and do some shopping. It also gives us time to relax, process all the events of the […]

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Lies from the Village

What if everything you thought you knew about life in Africa was wrong. Tammy and I prepared for the lack of clean water, no electricity and primitive plumbing awaiting us, but we had no idea to be prepared for the reality of life for the Africa women. There is no reverence for women or birth. […]

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Tourist in Rwanda

We arrived in Kigali last night. What we thought was going to be a short trip to Rwanda was actually a 6 hour drive! Yes, the Rwanda boarder is only minutes outside Bukavu, but Kigali is in the center of Rwanda. So we piled into the cramped bus and by some miracle we and our […]

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