Here are some updates from around the birth world… Advocacy The National Partnership for Women and Families released its report: Expecting Better: A State by State Analysis of Laws that Help New Parents. Midwives Alliance of North America released the I am a Midwife Education Campaign. Her Royal Highness Princess Sarah Zeid of Jordan wrote a piece on Global Motherhood titled Delivering Joy: Midwives are the Key to a Future With Healthy Mothers and Babies. Be sure to support the “Improving Access to Maternity Care Act of 2014” Upcoming Conferences and Webinars: Check the Birth Professional Conferences Calendar for upcoming events including the Midwives AllianceRead More →

I’ve hesitated to share about an upcoming trip because it was only speculation.  But last week the final decisions were made and I am happy to announce that I will be traveling with Tammy to Nairobi to assist her in a doula training. Tammy is a doula trainer for the organization DONA – Doulas of North America. She has been asked to assist in the formation of a doula group for the hospitals in Nairobi.  This has made the trip rather easy on me–Tammy has been doing all the planning!  I will take my exams a week early and we will leave for Nairobi rightRead More →

It makes me sick to read these.  Apparently the rapes happen despite the presence of UN peace keepers. Read the story here: My heart breaks for these women.  I pray for strength for the midwives, for my friends.Read More →

I had contacted Flory to ask about the safety of the midwives and the women in Nayngezi and Uvira, and to begin discussion about having him speak at a conference on public health in armed conflict happening at my school.  I received a reply from him this afternoon.  Here is his letter: Greetings in Jesus Name, Thank you for continuing to be ambassador of women and children of our country. It is a nice topic to discuss and would really like to be there. Rape and violence have been used as weapons of war and Conflicts in DR Congo since 1996. Women and children are the targetedRead More →

My heart broke last night when I read this report: It seems the rapes of women, young girls and boys in the Congo by the armies present there are not limited to North Kivu.  Uvira, a town in South Kivu was specifically mentioned.  Some of our women are from Uvira.  And Nayngezi lies between Uvira and North Kivu. I am waiting to hear from anyone about the extent of the damages, to ensure my friends are all safe. I want to know the midwives are actively helping the women. But I must wait patiently for Flory or Georgette to have access to the internet.Read More →