A friend posted this article today, which reminded me of a growing problem in health care–patient satisfaction isn’t correlated with better patient outcomes. [In fact, the most satisfied patients are 12 percent more likely to be hospitalized and 26 percent more likely to die, according to researchers at UC Davis. “Overtreatment is a silent killer,” wrote Dr. William Sonnenberg in his recent Medscape article, Patient Satisfaction is Overrated. “We can over-treat and over-prescribe. The patients will be happy, give us good ratings, yet be worse off.”] I personally get stuck in this problem.  The world of pregnancy and birth are a little different from most types of health care, because most ofRead More →

When I was teaching childbirth education classes, a common question was “what type of exercise is the best?” I did my best to encourage women that ANY exercise was better than none – but the focus always seemed to come back to finding that one exercise that they SHOULD be doing. If they didn’t like the exercise or believed it took longer than the time they could devote to exercise, they didn’t do any exercise. I’m sure my experiences are not unique. Here is a resource you can share with women that just might help them break out of the “this is the exercise pregnantRead More →