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I am excited about an opportunity I have to spend a week on a humanitarian trip to Guatemala with some college students. The trip will happen in January 2010, and the sending organization has said they can set up a nursing clinic for me to participate in. I intend to make full use of this […]

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Sending out Information

The last month has really been a blur. In addition to getting information about the trip into a format that can be shared, I have also started my second semester of nursing school. This has really caused me to change my focus from the women to my studies, but I have not forgotten them or […]

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Sep 25th, 2008 Updates


One of the things we needed to pay attention to with this trip is the amount of money it actually costs to do this. We had no idea how much money to budget, how much things cost or what types of bills we would need to pay. Thanks to the smart planning of my husband, […]

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Raising Money

I know I should have started this part of the work earlier, but with nursing school and my travel schedule the money raising was not as high a priority to me. Not so any more! So today, amidst the Mother’s Day festivities at my children’s school and the birthday party at the roller rink I’ll […]

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