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Are you on Facebook?

I was excited to find Georgette on Facebook. There is no electricity or internet in Nayngezi, so she only has access when she travels into Bukavu. But she is on Facebook and you can give her encouragement that way! The easiest way is probably to follow this link:;=ts

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Oct 28th, 2009 Updates

News From Georgette

Tammy and I were very excited to find an email this morning from a friend who had spoken to Georgette. The email we had hoped to use to speak with Georgette did not work properly, so we have only received updates through Flory. With my school schedule being so hectic, we haven’t been able to […]


Mar 27th, 2009 Updates

Updates from Flory

I received an email from Flory last week. Amina (Bujumbura, Burundi), Georgette (Nayngezi, DR Congo) and Akayesu (Kigali, Rwanda) were able to meet to discuss how things are going. Things move much slower in Central Africa than they do in the US. In the two months since I left, there was very little progress among […]

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Oct 17th, 2008 Updates

Back Home

Tammy and I have been back home for a couple weeks now. That first week back was super busy; my sister was visiting and Tammy had two sons heading off to college. The second week allowed us a little rest as we moved back to the swing of daily life. But there were still odds […]

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