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Food for a Day

What you see is food. Black beans (the traditional bean in Guatemala) and corn meal that can be made into a type of cereal. Twice on this trip we purchased and distributed food to rural mountain families. This caused great internal conflict for me. According to the World Bank, 18% of Guatemala’s children under age […]

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The Economy of Coffee

I have only recently become a coffee drinker. It was part an aversion to bitter flavors and part the superior feeling I got from being the only person I knew who didn’t need a cup a day. I learned how to drink the stuff this past spring, and am actually at a point that I […]

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Guatemala Facts

Welcome to Guatemala! OK, so actually I’ve been home for nearly two weeks. I needed time to recuperate from the hectic schedule I created for myself. But I am ready to share the stories and photos now, so lets begin with some basic facts about the country of Guatemala. If you are geographically challenged, Guatemala […]

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Birth in a Clinic

One of our saddest realizations was that the clinic, despite its best intentions, could do very little for the people of the community. There is no way to contact the doctors after they leave the clinic for the night, so birth emergencies may be better off happening at home except there is one nurse in […]

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Inside the House

Tammy had enough foresight to take photos inside the places we stayed. I thought I would add these shots because they really display the cultural shock that met us on our journey. Do you remember the views from the house we stayed in while spending the night in Bukavu? The house is in this photos, […]

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Life in Bujumbura

We are getting ready to leave Bujumbura, but wanted to say a few words about our experience here. This is the first time I have actually tried to live in an area of such poverty, and the reality was eye opening. The selection at the market was slim, and even slimmer because we were trying […]

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Instead of a Safari

Since the Safari was not going to happen, we went with plan B – return to Bujumbura so Tammy could be that much closer to getting on a plane home. We packed our bags and headed to the bus station for the 4 hour dive. Flory promised it was shorter than the drive to Kigali. […]

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