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Updates from Flory and upcoming Rwanda Experience

So this has been a busy week. I was contacted earlier this week by a friend of a friend who was given an opportunity to travel to Rwanda with her husband. Her husband will be doing some teaching, and she was given permission to try to work with the local women to educate them about […]

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Jun 18th, 2010 Updates

Notes of Thanks

We were lucky enough to receive a variety of thank you notes from the women we trained, and between the three people who spoke both Swahili and English we got them translated. Here are a few excerpts: “We have found that women are dying because of ignorance. We are promising you to teach or train […]

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Ahhhh…American Food

We were very excited in Kigali to find a restaurant that served American food. We made Flory try some breakfast pastries, but when we came back for lunch he just couldn’t bring himself to order a burger. Instead he had the waiter bring him his food Congolese style. Tammy and I jumped right in, ordering […]

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Short Stay in Rwanda

After the rain forest, The Rwandan landscape is a patchwork of farms. But the road is all paved and you can see electric lines in some areas. Pretty modern for this corner of the world. We ended up only spending one day in Rwanda, since hiring a car with short notice on a Saturday is […]

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