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Birth in a Clinic

One of our saddest realizations was that the clinic, despite its best intentions, could do very little for the people of the community. There is no way to contact the doctors after they leave the clinic for the night, so birth emergencies may be better off happening at home except there is one nurse in […]

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Teaching Tools

I spent last week at the Christian Midwives International conference. What a great opportunity to learn about resources available to me. One of the midwives makes birth teaching kits–baby, uterus, cord, placenta and sac. She made a collection of brown babies so I would be able to choose the ones I want for the trip. […]

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Raising Money

I know I should have started this part of the work earlier, but with nursing school and my travel schedule the money raising was not as high a priority to me. Not so any more! So today, amidst the Mother’s Day festivities at my children’s school and the birthday party at the roller rink I’ll […]

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