Birth Professionals

Introduction to Midwifery Education

In the United States, fall is the time families begin the transition to a new school year. I thought this would be a perfect time to begin a series on the ins and outs of midwifery education. Why talk about education?

You Have Options

The process of training to be a midwife varies around the world. This means you may have a variety of paths to choose from. Understanding what those options may be can help you make a wise decision from the beginning.

Your Education Matters

When selecting an educational program, it pays to understand what work you desire to do as a midwife. Choosing your educational path on something like the convenience of attending the training may limit the work you are able to do if you don’t take the time to thoroughly investigate what care you can legally provide in the area you want to work with the level of  training you will have. It may also backfire if the work you do cannot be transferred to future education.

Your Education is an Investment

To chose to become trained as a midwife means you must set aside money, time, energy, and other goals to become a competent provider of care. It is always disheartening to invest this much of one’s self only to discover the return on your investment wasn’t what you expected.

As we explore midwifery education this month we will talk about not only what that education should include, but also how to compare different educational programs.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)