More midwives being trained!

At the request of Flory I emailed his cousin, Dr Florimond Nyamoga, who is the founder of Congo International Ministries . How interesting that he is headquartered in Comstock Park, Michigan since I will be right there during July. Unfortunately he will be in Congo during June and July so I cannot met him before I go.

His organization has worked to open a clinic in Nyangezi and will be sending some of his staff to our training to learn more about the practice of midwifery. This will help even more families. You can find out more about the Ministry of Congo International Ministries at their website
www.congoim.com and www.congorelief.org (French).

When we started planning our estimates were for 30 women to be trained, and I didn’t really know how we were going to get that many to attend. In an email from Flory this weekend he said to bring supplies for 40! That number may continue to grow.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)