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My Conference Schedule

It is nearly May so conference season is starting, have you made the commitment to attend one or more? I often hear from midwives that they would like to attend conferences, but they cost too much in terms of time and money.  I agree, they can be expensive. But I see the time and money as an investment in my midwifery practice.

That may seem a bit strange for readers who know I am not now, and probably will never be, in a clinical midwifery practice.  If I were, conferences would be a natural place for continuing education. My midwifery practice is public health, so for me conferences are about making the connections I need to do my work. At conferences I:

  • I get to hear directly from midwives about the issues they and their patients are facing every day
  • I make connections with midwives who want to be involved in research, or need the help of a researcher to maintain their practice
  • I meet other midwife researchers and other midwives involved in population health (It’s nice to know I’m not the only one!)

My schedule is a little different this year because I need to prioritize conferences where I’ll present my research.  If you want to meet me, I’ll be at:

  • Association of Women’s Health and Neonatal Nurses Annual Convention, June 12-14 in Gaylord Texas, USA
  • Academy Health Annual Research Meeting, June 26-28, Boston Massachusetts, USA
  • Normal Birth Conference, October 10-12, Sydney, Australia

Which conferences are you attending this year?

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)