Jennifer's Personal Notes

Nairobi Adventure

I’ve hesitated to share about an upcoming trip because it was only speculation.  But last week the final decisions were made and I am happy to announce that I will be traveling with Tammy to Nairobi to assist her in a doula training.

Tammy is a doula trainer for the organization DONA – Doulas of North America. She has been asked to assist in the formation of a doula group for the hospitals in Nairobi.  This has made the trip rather easy on me–Tammy has been doing all the planning!  I will take my exams a week early and we will leave for Nairobi right after my last test.

We will be working with a group of midwives and nurses, but beyond that we are not sure what to expect.  We do not know what the local hospital policies may limit.  We do not know what birth is like in the hospitals now.  But we will tour, and learn and share some of our skills.

This trip will only be 10 days, and I feel funny promising to send updates.  But if we were able to get blog posts done in Burundi, I’m sure getting internet access in Nairobi will be easy.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)