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News From Georgette

Tammy and I were very excited to find an email this morning from a friend who had spoken to Georgette. The email we had hoped to use to speak with Georgette did not work properly, so we have only received updates through Flory. With my school schedule being so hectic, we haven’t been able to keep up with him as we had hopped.

The exciting news is that the Midwives continue to work towards having a viable group. They have been working to raise funds to purchase goats and chickens in addition to their garden. At least we know the midwives in Nayngezi are moving forward. I wish we could get news from the other regions.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)


  1. cate

    i am volunteering around Africa and would love to get involved in volunteering with midwives and learning more about natural birth. i like the sound of what you are doing can you offer me some advise.

  2. Jennifer

    That would depend on the amount of training you have and where you are located. Midwifery Today has an international contact list for midwifery right on their webpage. That could be one place to start.

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