Global Midwifery

Notes of Thanks

We were lucky enough to receive a variety of thank you notes from the women we trained, and between the three people who spoke both Swahili and English we got them translated. Here are a few excerpts:

“We have found that women are dying because of ignorance. We are promising you to teach or train others so that the number of deaths can decrease in Rwandas women.”

“We are promising to do whatever taught by Jennifer; she did not waste her time here”

“We thank those who contributed to rend this adventure a reality to enable millions of lives to be saved. All of Pastors; and church members have prayed since last year for this and God has answered our prayer.”

“We are happy because we know now how to serve pregnant mothers and their new babies.”

“If you have sacrificed yourself coming from America, how far can I go on my own continent?”

“I promise you and Tammy that your being here with us is not a waste of time.”

“We hope that you will continue to pray for us in this vision that we have of helping pregnant women”

“We hope that many midwives of USA will continue to come to train and assist us in Africa”

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)