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Pregnancy Meal Planning

Sample Menu Four

This menu consists of items that are easy to take along or pick-up on the way for a busy day.


1/2 a Bagel
1 C yogurt
1/2 cup orange juice


Apple with peanut butter


Chef Salad (with Egg and ham)
Cup of Milk




Cup of pasta
Baked Fish
Dinner Salad with Egg and Cheese


Cheese and Crackers

Making this menu work for you

Here are some ways to ensure the best nutrition when eating on the run:

Select milk, juice or water as your beverage instead of a soda.

Invest in a mini-cooler that will allow you to keep refrigerated foods cold for 2-3 hours.

Instead of buying the individual packs of snack foods such as popcorn and pretzels, purchase the normal size (which is usually cheaper per serving) and re-package it into zipper bags to fit your needs.

To get the variety of foods you need without over-eating (resulting in heartburn and indigestion), split a dinner and a salad with a dining companion or ask the waiter to put half your meal in a "to-go" container right away. If you have a cooler in the car, you can keep the extra portion from your meal for a snack or meal later in the day.

Be sure to read the labels on convenient packages of snacks. You my be surprised how much fat, sugar or calories you will consume without any nutritional value. Choose snacks such as mixed nuts, dried fruit and whole wheat crackers.