Jennifer's Personal Notes

Obstetrics in remote settings

I was giving a great gift from a wonderful friend.  She has volunteered with MSF for the last few years and so had two copies of their publication Obstetrics in remote settings. Her second copy is now mine.

Basically, this is the text they use to orient new workers to field obstetrics. It reminds me alot of Dr. Gregory White’s Emergency Birth, with the interesting additions of prenatal care, how to identify various infections, and postpartum care including kangaroo care for low birth weight.  It has simple explanations and simple drawings.

It is not really on the level of the Hesperian Foundations books, it does rely a bit on having medications and trained medical personnel available.  Remember, this is a book that is given to trained medical personnel working in an organization that brings medical care to resource poor areas. But the book could still be used to help educate traditional birth attendants. Once I get a chance to do more than just flip through it, it may help me continue to think through common problems with a low-resource frame of mind.

The only drawback, it doesn’t seem to be a title that is available to the general public.  That makes my copy that much more special to me.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)