Jennifer's Personal Notes

Opps, Did it Again

I should never work on the website when I’m tired.  Last night I crashed the International Midwife blog by selecting to install an update that was only a BETA and was not compatible with my webhost.  Opps.

The blog became a lost cause, with no way to revert to the previous version.  To make matters worse, the coding messed up the other blogs making them unaccessable. No, I didn’t really have time for a problem this week.  I am, however, clever.  I exported the posts and imported them here.  So now this blog is a bit mixed, and the links on the website need to be changed.  I’m not sure what happens to all the readers who were subscribed to the International Midwife blog…I’m so sorry if you are one and reading this now.

I was going to add some info about the trip (which is how I discovered the problem), but since I have spent the last hour correcting my mistake I need to direct my attention to other things and make it to class.  Updates on Tanzania will need to wait for now.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)