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Midwife Attended Deliveries are Underreported

My colleagues at Emory found a way to estimate the under reporting of midwife attended deliveries. Their study, reported in the Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health, used midwives records of births attended.1 Yes, this is burdensome record keeping for midwives, but

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Global Breastfeeding Scorecard 2017

UNICEF has released the latest global breastfeeding scorecard with country profiles.  How did your country do? Go to UNICEF For the United States, it reports several pieces of data that are simply not available or not considered relevant, it’s hard to tell.

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The PhD is complete!

I want to thank you to both the audience of this website and the community of families and midwives who have been supportive of my ongoing educational pursuits.  I am thrilled to share that in June I defended my dissertation and in July

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Changes to expect in the sixth month of pregnancy

Baby’s Growth Week 22 Your baby is working on developing two more senses, taste and touch. All her organ systems are in place, but the specialization and maturation of the systems is continuing. If your baby is a girl, her reproductive organs