20 Snack Ideas for any Pregnancy Craving

The snacks you choose can go a long way in helping to ensure a good variety of foods for maximum nutritional benefit. One trick is to select snacks from the food group you generally have the hardest time getting enough daily servings.

Preparation Exercises

Childbirth Meditation | Journey

This post is one in a series of childbirth meditations. This post focuses on the word journey and the journeys you take during pregnancy and childbirth. Meditations for “Journey” Is it the destination that determines the journey, or the journey that determines


Improving maternal care to prevent maternal death

I wanted to draw your attention to a few interesting bits of governance aimed at reducing maternal mortality. Item 1: New York is expanding access to doulas by ensuring doulas are included in Medicaid.  Check it out in the New York Times.


11 Quick Foods to satisfy pregnancy cravings

When you are running short on time, it can be very tempting to skip a meal or stop for fast food. You can eat a healthy meal in a rush, but you need to think beyond your basic meat and potatoes dinner.

Preparation Exercises

Childbirth Meditation | Improve

This post is one in a series of childbirth meditations. This post focuses on the word improve, and the ways you improve during pregnancy and childbirth. Meditations for “Improve” There is an amazing ambition within the human heart. We seek always to

Prenatal Testing

Group Beta Strep Testing (GBS)

Group B Strep is a normal intestinal bacteria that sometimes migrates from the digestive tract to the anal area. At 35-37 weeks pregnancy your midwife will ask you to test for Group B Strep. This involves taking a swab of the perineal

Understanding Pain

Pain Management Series: Gate Control

According to the Gate Control Theory, you can block a painful stimulus (close the gate) and thereby reduce or prevent pain. This theory draws from the presence of two different types of never fibers. The large nerve fibers transfer pressure, non-damaging heat

Understanding Pain

Pain Management Series: Fear Tension Pain

  According to the Fear Tension Pain theory of pain management, the fear (or stress) a woman experiences during labor causes her body to react in ways that increase the pain. The originator of this theory, Dr. Dick-Read, hypothesized labor was not


Your Secret Pantry Stash for Pregnancy

So you are pregnant, and want to eat healthy, but… Maybe you cannot eat very much at a time because of pregnancy nausea. Maybe you don’t have the energy to cook your normal foods because of pregnancy fatigue. Maybe food aversions make