Preparation Exercises

Childbirth Meditation: Change

Change your habits if they are causing you problems or not healthy. Change the way you talk about your baby’s birth. Stop using words like “delivery” and remember that your birth happened several years ago. Change the way you think about your

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Preventing Pregnancy Backaches

Backaches in pregnancy can be associated with poor muscle strength in your torso, but may also be associated with other causes. Be sure to check all causes for maximum comfort. Poor posture is a common cause of backache in pregnancy. The growing

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Pelvic Rocking

Pelvic Rocking is a safe way to keep stomach muscles tone. In addition it helps to relieve a sore back by stretching the lower back muscles. The rocking motion helps stimulate the digestive system which helps lessen constipation. The movement also realigns

Month by Month

Changes in the first month of pregnancy

Baby’s Growth Weeks 1 & 2 The average length of gestation is 266 days, which means your baby will be born around 38 weeks after conception. Because many women are not familiar with their fertility cues and do not know when conception

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Should I choose organic foods when pregnant?

The terms organic and natural are sometimes placed on food packaging. In some areas, these terms have specific definitions. For example, the US Food and Drug Administration has set standard definitions for what is in a product that bears these names. Foods are

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Food Safety in Pregnancy

When you think of food-borne illness, do you think of the major outbreaks reported in the media? These outbreaks receive most of our national food safety attention, but according to the CDC these represent only 5% of the food-borne illness cases that

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Pregnant and always have to pee?

Why This Happens The pressure of your growing uterus and a heightened metabolic rate cause increased frequency of urination. For some women, the increased weight of the uterus stressed the pelvic floor muscle causing incontinence. The progesterone that is working to ensure

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Weight Gain in Pregnancy

Your midwife will be watching your weight to ensure that it is gained at an appropriate rate. Lack of weight gain or a sudden burst of weight gain may concern her. Ideal weight gain does not mean you gain the same amount of