Global Midwifery

Please Pray for theWomen

My heart broke last night when I read this report: It seems the rapes of women, young girls and boys in the Congo by the armies present there are not limited to North Kivu.  Uvira, a town in South Kivu was


Centering Pregnancy

There is another way to think about prenatal care, centering pregnancy. In this model of care, women meet in groups to discuss their concerns and celebrate together.  The women take charge of their prenatal care, performing much of the prenatal assessment themselves.


If you could choose the best weeks to birth…

One of the first prenatal questions to face a woman, when was the first day of your last menstrual period. This is asked to help estimate the date of birth. Sigh…I received my own personal gestational wheel in class last week.  The lovely plastic double disks


Basics of Prenatal Care

I thought you might like to see some recommendations for prenatal care.  Grab a cup of tea, these are long documents. The American Academy of Family Physicians offers these  recommendations for Prenatal Care Counseling. The Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement offers these guidelines for


Benefits of Prenatal Care

This week I want to spend some time looking at the various benefits (assumed and proven) of prenatal care.  One thing we know, women who have some form of prenatal care have better outcomes in labor than women who have no prenatal

Birth Professionals

Reading Room

Saturday Morning, time to catch up on your reading.  Here are some interesting reads from this week: Cesarean?  This week a report was released that showed increased cesarean rates in the US are tied to increased induction rates.  Want a second opinion,


The Power of Communication

I have been wondering about the listening and questioning experiments.  If you have been hesitant to try them, I wanted to give you some more motivation. These links help demonstrate the importance communication plays not just in the way we interact with families, but


Questioning Skills

Yesterday was all about how to listen, so today let’s learn how to ask effective questions. You see, the whole point of asking a question is to find out more information so you can help the family.  Some ways of asking questions


Listening Skills

Since we have been chatting about not so great ways to communicate, I wanted to be sure and share some tips for good communication.  Today lets talk about listening. Listening?  Yes.  Listening is often the most difficult communication skill to master, and