Jennifer's Personal Notes

All Moved In

As I type this, my family is all soundly asleep in our new home – a small apartment in Atlanta. It has been a crazy six weeks, but we are here and our things are unpacked. The kids were able to spend

Jennifer's Personal Notes

Five Semesters to Midwife

I’m pretty sure I had reported that I was accepted into the School of Nursing at Emory University for the Family Nurse Midwife program. It is a five semester program that will prepare me to be a baby-catcher, but will also prepare

Paths to Midwifery

Midwifery During Crisis

I wanted to share two recent newscasts with you. The first is a PBS segment on the need for midwifery post earthquake in Haiti. It can be viewed at the PBS website here: The second is a BBC documentary on the

Global Midwifery

To Give, or Not to Give

Before I left for the trip to Congo, Jeff was gathering as much information as possible about the do’s and don’ts of international missions work. He has so many missionary contacts it was easy. One story shared with him was a heartbreaking

Global Midwifery

Finding Your Path

I’ve shared a bit about the heavier topics on my mind during the trip so decided to share something I found very funny – so amusing I was laughing at it while it was happening. What you are looking at is aloe,

Global Midwifery

Climb Every Mountain

I just realized I should show you this photo of a path up the mountain. Yes, what you are looking at is a path. If you fallow this path up the hill and around a shallow ravine you will pass two or

Global Midwifery

Food for a Day

What you see is food. Black beans (the traditional bean in Guatemala) and corn meal that can be made into a type of cereal. Twice on this trip we purchased and distributed food to rural mountain families. This caused great internal conflict

Global Midwifery

The Economy of Coffee

I have only recently become a coffee drinker. It was part an aversion to bitter flavors and part the superior feeling I got from being the only person I knew who didn’t need a cup a day. I learned how to drink