I received an email from Flory tonight and can not believe how amazing this training is becoming. This is what he writes:

“Again, I thank God for what this training will achieve in Africa. I have been contacted by one of my pastors who have told me that he is going to send to the training a MUTWA Woman or Pygmee woman. These people are the uncivilised first habitants of Africa and have not responded to civilisation. Many of them live in deep forest far from people and don’t like to wear clothes. They don’t have either clinic, pharmacy nor school. But, our church is trying to work among them. Now, we will have one of them come to the training.”

I did not realize the Pygmee still existed as a people, and I cannot believe that I have the honor to meet a Pygmee woman! I am amazed at how God is able to use this training–it goes so much further than my original goal of saving lives.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)