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Saturday Morning, time to catch up on your reading.  Here are some interesting reads from this week:

Cesarean?  This week a report was released that showed increased cesarean rates in the US are tied to increased induction rates.  Want a second opinion, here is an interview discussing another reason cesareans are so common, profit.

We know increased cesareans are not improving outcomes for mothers and babies in the US, so what can we do differently?  We could increase the number of vaginal births after a cesarean, but changing minds is not as easy at we think. Speakers at the Global Maternal Health Conference in New Dehli point to the importance of all health promotional activities for improving maternal health being designed to meet the local culture.

On the lighter side, celebrity pregnancies are always all over the news.  The lessons we can learn from them?  Pregnancy is a universal experience.  For example, Bristol Palin may be a famous teen mom, but she is still a teen mom.  This CNN Opinion article discusses some of the facts about teen pregnancy that are true for celebrities and normal folks alike. Similarly, Christina Applegate is  having the same struggles adjusting to pregnancy every other pregnant woman feels.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)