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It is Saturday Morning, time to sleep in and spend too much time catching up on some reading.  Since I’ve been talking about prenatal care I wanted to find some interesting things about caring for families before the baby is born.

The Mantra is early prenantal care and the best care of course begins before you are pregnant.  Even ACOG insists a woman begin prenatal care as soon as she knows she is pregnant. So this makes a new study showing that obstetrician offices themselves do not schedule a first prenatal visit until the woman is in or almost in the second trimester rather interesting.  What is a woman to do if the members of ACOG themselves don’t think enough of early care to schedule a check-up?

Cochrane released a review of research on easing morning sickness that demonstrates just how much we don’t know about pregnancy.  It seems there isn’t any strong evidence to support the use of anything that is recommended be it pharmaceutical or alternative.  If it makes you wonder what other advice may not be so great you can do some research at the Cochrane Review.

This week a study was released linking domestic abuse in pregnancy with postpartum depression. This is not new information, in fact domestic abuse in pregnancy is linked to other pregnancy complications as well. So the key is learning how to identify victims of abuse and ways to assist them in getting out.

What about educating a woman about childbirth?  I found this list of the 100 best Natural Birthing Blogs this week. I’m sure you’ll find something helpful on that list.

So enjoy!  I’m off to catch up on my reading too – but it involves a pile of text books.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)