Global Midwifery

Resources for Global Midwifery

For those of you interested in global midwifery, I am excited to share a resource I just discovered (well, discovered when my professor showed us during a lecture at any rate). It is the website of the Disease Control Priorities Project, and you can see it at

What can you gain from getting familiar with this website?  A wide range of information about maternal and child health needs from all over the world.  Exactly the type of evidence you might need to formulate a plan or seek funding for your plan.

As a quick example, look on the right hand side of the page for the Quick Link drop boxes.  Pick a country or region that interests you, might be your own or a country where you would like to work.  Then select Maternal & Newborn conditions from the second drop box. Then select the topic you would like to research.  I have selected to look at contributing and risk factors for maternal and child health in the United States (because thats where I live right now).

Immediately I have access to the chapter(s) of relevance to me.  I can select a chapter, see the topics within that chapter and begin my research. It even gives me listings of resources used to compile the information.  It is a great place to begin any research.

I hope this link helps you find information you need to direct your midwifery career.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)