Birth Planning

Sample Birth Plan: Sexual Abuse Survivor

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My name is XXX, I prefer to be called XXX, I am accompanied by my husband XXX. This is our birth plan for the birth of our fourth child,¬† due. We are hoping to have a natural and unmedicated birth with the assistance of our doula, XXX. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Although this normally has little impact on my daily life, I did experience¬† flashbacks during my first labor and would like to attempt to avoid this during this labor. For this reason I would like to avoid interventions such as internal monitoring and epidural/spinal anesthesia unless absolutely necessary and would like to maintain freedom to move around as I wish as much as possible as I have a fear of feeling “restrained”. I would also like to have procedures or interventions explained and discussed with me prior to being performed if the situation allows.

The following are our preferences for a normal labor and birth. Of course, if concerns or complications arise, the well being of our baby and me are most important to us. If concerns arise we are open to making adjustments to our “plan” after those concerns are discussed with us.

First Stage

Positions for Labor I would like the freedom to change positions, stand or walk around and use my birth ball as desired.

Pain Relief I plan on using emotional support from my husband, Steve and my doula, Maggie and use relaxation, breathing and other natural comfort measures including using the shower. Please do not offer pain medication, I am aware of my options and will request it, if I choose to.

Enhance or speed labor If labor slows, I would like to attempt to walk and change positions or use nipple stimulation. I would like to avoid Pitocin unless necessary.

Second Stage

Position for pushing I would like to choose what position is most comfortable.

No Episiotomy Please I am willing to risk a tear. I prefer not to have an episiotomy unless absolutely necessary.

Third Stage and First hours after Birth

Bonding with our new baby is very important to us. We would like to avoid any unnecessary separation and also would like to attempt breastfeeding as soon as possible after birth.

Cord cutting We prefer for the baby to receive all his cord blood, Steve would like to hold and feel the cord until it stops pulsating before the cord is clamped, he would also like to cut the cord.

Suctioning we would prefer that the baby be suctioned after birth only if necessary..

Warmth of Baby I would prefer to hold the baby skin to skin with a blanket over both of us vs. the warming bassinette if possible.

Breastfeeding Breastfeeding is very important to us, I would like to breastfeed as soon after birth as possible. We do not wish for our baby to have any artificial nipples, pacifiers or formula supplements.

Eye care Would prefer eye care be delayed until baby gets to breastfeed.

Vitamin K Would prefer vitamin K to be delayed until after baby gets to breastfeed.

Circumcision We wish to leave our son INTACT, please do NOT circumcise.

We are looking forward to working with the Doctor and staff to ensure we have a healthy baby. We are aware things don’t always go as planned, the above are our wishes for a normal and uncomplicated birth, if complications do arise we are happy to work with the doctor and staff, please bring any concerns to our attention.

Jennifer (Author)