Jennifer's Personal Notes

Semester Nearly Ended

I wish I could tell you that I was excited about the semester being nearly over, but honestly I’m not.  I have one last paper to write (an issue brief on suggested policy change for midwifery) and two exams, so the workload is not a big deal.  It is the clinical time that is overwhelming me.  I got a late start with both midwifery and family practice clinicals, which everyone says is no big deal because I can make up the missing time over the summer or with my “extra” semester.  But not really.

I want to apply to do an internship with a department of public health in maternal child health over the summer.  This would be a 12 week program, and will leave me a total of 2-4 weeks in Honduras and then classes begin again.  Not time to make up clinicals this summer.

My final semester will be all public heath classes, and I will have two days a week without classes (I think).  But I will also be finishing my amazing thesis, so I cannot plan to be at clinicals on my days off class.

Which leads me to the problem with this semester.  I’m at clinical every day I don’t have class, right through the break until classes start again.  I will get no break, no breathing room.  Quite frankly, I’m exhausted.

But clinical doesn’t have homework like classes do, and I won’t have to write papers.  And a very nice midwife explained that I can do a half-shift at the hospital if it works better for me, or to call in and see if anyone is on the board before I make the trip to sit around for five hours.  I know I can survive this!

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)