Jennifer's Personal Notes

Semester Winding Down

I almost feel like I should apologize to you, dear readers.  I have been somewhat absent for the last few months.  I confess to a terrible thing  – I took 22 credits this semester.  It wasn’t even because I had some need to take a bunch of classes to graduate on time.  I was simply interested in the material and figured I could handle it.  The good news is I did make it through alive and sane.  But to do that I had to let so many things go.

My last class was today, but the semester will not end for me yet.  Just like last semester, I need to take an incomplete until I finish all the requirements.  This seems to be a standard thing with the dual degree students in nursing, at least it was.  They changed the program for the students who started this year.  I started last year, so I am under the old system.  I take public health and nursing classes at the same time – literally.  This is the second semester I was scheduled to be in two places at once.

I still need to finish some clinical hours, and I have to take my midwifery competency test to be finished with all the semester’s course work.  I plan to have that done in less than three weeks.  So even though I’m not in class or working on homework, I am restudying every bit of midwifery information and quizzing myself with digital flashcards.  The test is 350 questions, and I’l have 3 hours to complete it. As I write that out it seems impossible, so I must have the number of questions wrong – they usually give us a minute per question.

Interesting side note to this semester, I did my family practice clinical hours in the HIV clinic – what I have been told is one of the largest HIV programs in the USA.   I decided to do this so I was competent to care for HIV infected pregnant women in my global work.  But now that I’ve gotten my toes wet I have to admit I love it.  HIV care is really interesting – from the complexity of the monitoring to the risk factors of the patients.  So now, if I can bend the universe to my will, I plan to be an HIV specialist midwife.


Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)