After speaking to a friend who spent last summer in Uganda we have decided the shoes I have are not going to work. Because almost everywhere I walk will be dirt and/or mud, the best shoes for the trip will be sandals that can be washed or rinsed off every night and be dry again in the morning. So now we add shoes to the list of last minute purchases before the trip.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)


  1. Rais

    what a very derogative letter about the Twa, uncivilized, … I can’t discrub how i am hurt to read this comment..And of course i understand is a pastor as he pretend. this comment should be off ….

    Twa are people they got their customs, and do not need your church to help, not your pity…they are a relic of what genuine human beings should care for: solidarity, dignity. And I don’t see in my knowledge one of them coming ask help to a church and whatever. I hate to see how people make profit by talking for them. People like Mr. Pastors and his allies-longing-for-publicity (to make them feel good that the are making a difference in Africa) should financing the exploitation of human beings.

    Action should needed to denounce such things.

    I believed much must be done to put more serious attempts at listening seriously to the voices, nay the clamoring, coming from Africa and Africans (Twa included and many other,,,,,). . As long as Africans are not treated as equals in imagination, creativity, dignity, humanity, the mentality of making Africans count by way of charitable gestures, human rights appeals, etc. will continue. This kind of attitude hurts the most when it comes from people who deeply mean to be helpful, but end up reproducing the very mentality we are trying to do away with.

    Please remove this comment from your blog and stop supporting any African-vassals-like that oppresses it own kind. it does not make anyone better

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