Jennifer's Personal Notes

Spring Break Catch-up

I am about half-way through the second semester, which brings me to spring break.  For me it is merely a week to catch up, and I spent the first couple hours this morning cleaning and organizing emails, contact lists and calendars.  I have three conferences coming up, so part of that time was ensuring all my documents were in order:

  • I’m actually registered with a confirmation number in hand.
  • Flight or rental car is actually booked.
  • Hotel is reserved.

I am probably not the only person who “knows” what I’m going to do long before I do it and sometimes forgets a vital or piece or two until the early registration has ended or the hotel is full or the airline prices have jumped.  But that’s a different story.

Today I wanted to remind you that spring cleaning is a great tool to use for your birth business.  Here are some ideas for your spring cleaning:

  • Organize contact lists, send emails to keep up important networking relationships
  • Plan your conferences for the next year, organizations generally have them at the same time every year so plan ahead and save the money or book yourself some time off to attend
  • Clean out and restock bookshelves, handouts, etc
  • Fully clean your birth bag, including the fabric
  • Update your website
  • Update your contact information on internet directories and networks
  • Make sure your finances are in order and complete your taxes
  • Price out any big purchases (new Doppler, birth pool, take some classes?) and make a plan to save that money
  • Look at educational opportunities and figure out which ones will serve you best in the coming year
  • Update your marketing materials, and reassess marketing opportunities


I’m sure you can add many more to this list, it really is just meant to get your creativity flowing.  Here’s to a very productive spring break!



Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)