Jennifer's Personal Notes

Summer Schedule

As I was updating all my emails, calendars and blogs I thought it might be interesting to some readers to hear about the crazy schedule my family has had to keep this summer.

Part of my summer semester of midwifery school was attendance at the ACNM conference in San Antonio Texas.  I also signed up to participate in a two week program at a farm workers health center in southern Georgia. Unfortunately, the farm worker program was at the same time as a conference my husband would attend. We decided it was a great time for the kids to visit their out of state relatives.

Since they were traveling in the northern US anyway, my husband decided he would take the kids back to New York to visit the friends we left there, but he had another conference and it didn’t make sense to drive the kids all they way back to Atlanta first.  It was decided the kids would fly from Michigan to New York, and my husband would drive to the conference and then meet up the kids when it was completed. He would stay an additional week, of course, to visit friends. The trip to Atlanta from New York passes more friends. So the trip will be made slowly to allow adequate time for visiting.

With my family gone so much, what am I doing with myself?  I am spending most of my time in Savannah on call for the birth center. I return to Atlanta only for classes. I’ll be home for a week when my family returns and then I fly to Nairobi. The day after I return will be the first day of school for my kids. Summer will be over and my family will have spent less than two weeks together.

Crazy schedule, but we are starting to get used to this level of activity.  It makes us wonder what next summer will be like.  Next summer I will do my field study for my MPH and the whole family will be overseas.  Equally exciting and equally crazy.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)