Labor Tools

Labor Tools: Counter Pressure

What it is: Counter pressure is direct pressure applied gradually and steadily over bone areas of the body. It is not poking or jabbing at the mother. How it works: Deep pressure helps to release tension in muscles. How to do it:

Labor Tools

Labor Tools: Nipple Stimulation

What it is: Gentle rubbing or rolling of the nipple, or suckling of the nipples to encourage contractions and begin labor is called nipple stimulation. This is only one of several techniques used to try to induce labor, and may be used

Labor Tools

Labor Tools: The Lift

What it is: The lift is a technique for encouraging rotation of a posterior baby by lifting him up and off the pelvis. How it works: The lift is performed in an upright position, which uses gravity to promote effective contractions. However,

Labor Tools

Labor Tools: Kneading Massage

What it is: This is probably the touch that comes to mind when you think “massage.” Wrapping your hands around a body part, move your hands in opposite directions while using a firm pressure. It should look like kneading dough. How it

Labor Tools

Labor Tools: Hip Squeeze

What it is: The hip squeeze is a type of pressure massage that can relieve lower back pain in labor. How it works: During labor the pressure of the baby’s head on the pelvis stretches the pelvis. The hip squeeze pushes the

Labor Tools

Labor Tools: Encouraging Words

What it is: During labor, the labor support ensures the mother she is doing well, and encourages her to continue what she is already doing. How it works: Three little words, “You’re doing great,” can give a woman the extra strength she

Labor Tools

Labor Tools: Effleurage

What it is: Effleurage is a type of massage using light pressure applied over a wide area of the body. How it works: Light effleurage promotes relaxation, alleviates pain and encourages sleep. Deep effleurage improves circulation, while stretching and relaxing tense muscles.

Labor Tools

Labor Tools: Acupressure

What it is: Acupressure refers to the use of pressure in certain places to stimulate the body to react in specific ways. If you press the base of your neck or your temples to help relieve a headache, you are using acupressure. How

Labor Tools

Labor Tools: Abdominal Breathing

What it is: Abdominal breathing is breathing using your diaphragm. It is deep breathing using the full extent of your lung capacity. It is called abdominal breathing because the movement of the diaphragm will expand the abdomen during the inhale and contract

Labor Positions

Labor Positions: Walking

What it is: During labor, the mother can feel free to walk around. During contractions she can sway her hips back and forth or side to side while leaning on a support. How it works: Walking helps to reduce the total time