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The gentle cesarean

What if I told you it was possible to have a hospital where the staff overwhelming supported the idea of a gentle cesarean for women who needed surgical birth? This hospital achieved it.1  The researchers surveyed all professionals who work in labor and delivery – the labor nurses, the physicians and specialty physicians, even the operating room technicians and found most of the staff thought it was a good idea. This is great news for nurses, midwives, and obstetricians who want to implement gentle cesarean as the standard of care at their facility.

The staff did acknowledge the existence of logistic and safety issues that need to be addressed when implementing a gentle cesarean policy. So even when the staff all agree its a good idea, there will still be work to do to to reach consensus about when a gentle cesarean is not appropriate and how to meet the families safety needs within each unique hospital environment while providing as much “gentle” as possible. Even so, I am encouraged that achieving a gentle cesarean was viewed positively by all categories of staff. It gives me hope that change is possible.

Mercier RJ, Durante JC. Physician and Nurse Perceptions of Gentle Cesarean Birth. M. December 2017:1. doi:10.1097/nmc.0000000000000404
Jennifer (Author)