The Last Details

I have the unfortunate pleasure of visiting family in Michigan for two weeks right before I leave for DR Congo. This means everything must be ready for me to fly out by the end of this week. It has been hectic – especially with the work I am doing to be finished with a microbiology course so I can continue my nursing school in the fall.

One of the more frustrating details is clothing. I tend to wear very simple shorts and tank tops during the summer months. I do own a dress, but it is sleeveless. This won’t do for the Congo where the women dress in long skirts and have clothing with sleeves. If we want to be accepted as professionals, we need to look the part. So I went shopping.

We have a discount shop near our home where I was able to purchase used clothing super cheap. I am now the happy owner of four long skirts with matching tops and one long summer dress with short sleeves. Best part, it was less than $50. I don’t know if 5 outfits will be enough, but it is all I have money or time for before we leave for Michigan.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)