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The other side of the stirrups

I’m a little behind, so you might have already seen this article from an obstetrician who accepted a challenge to stay in lithotomy position for an hour as part of the 2015 NHS Change Day.

The easy thing (as a doula or midwife) when reading this article is to say, “Of course, I can’t believe you never thought about this.” ┬áBut remember it makes sense an OB might never think about this because her training focuses on mastering the skills she needs to save lives. When everyone around her during training accepts the practice as normal, useful, appropriate…she has little to no reason to question the practice.

It is also easy to read this article and think about all the things other practitioners do that you don’t like or find questionable.

The more difficult thing when reading this article is to say, “What things do I not think about because the practice is so accepted.”

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)