The “Re-using Leftovers” Pregnancy Menu

This post is one in a series of pregnancy menu helps. This menu consists of items that can be made from left-overs; it shares ideas to meet your pregnancy nutrition goals when you have the flexibility to plan ahead.

The “Re-using Leftovers” Pregnancy Menu


Scrambled Eggs
Whole Wheat or Bran Muffin
8 oz Glass of Milk (8oz = 1 Cup)


1 Pear


Beef Barbecue Sandwich
Spinach Salad


Cheese and Crackers


Grilled Chicken Cesar Salad
Sweet Potato Soup
Sliced Kiwi Fruit
8 oz glass of Milk


Yogurt with dried fruit and nuts

Making this menu work for you

This is a great plan-ahead menu by following these suggestions:

  • You can add left-over vegetables or legumes in your scrambled eggs; you could also prepare it as an omelet.
  • Over a weekend or on a light day, make a batch of Beef BBQ. After it has cooled, store it in air-tight, serving size containers in your freezer. It should keep for 3-6 months and makes a quick sandwich.
  • If you have at least half an hour to bake one morning a week, use that morning to bake a batch of bran muffins. Store them in your freezer in zipper lock freezer bags. Thaw in the microwave.
  • You can used left-over grilled chicken to make a Chicken Cesar Salad, or use whatever left-over meat you have on hand to add to your salad of choice.
  • Left over cooked vegetables like sweet potatoes can be blended with broth to make a quick vegetable soup.
  • Keep a container of prepared salad greens in your refrigerator. When preparing your meal, select the amount of greens you would like.
Jennifer (Author)