The Uterus is NOT a Sterile Environment

No, researchers don’t have a way to test the uterus per se, but a group did find a way to test placentas.

That’s right…a group of researchers went searching for microorganisms in placentas. They found some.  The study is showcased in a story at the New York Times.

So what does this mean? We can’t be sure yet.  Like all good research, it answers one question and poses many more.

Do different microbial ecosystems lead to different pregnancy outcomes?  If so, what are the “bad” ecosystems and what can we do about them?

What affect does antibiotic administration have on the normal uterine flora? Can antibiotics in labor cause a lasting effect on the placental flora — and would this alter the baby’s flora?

Remember my previous questions about the microbiome and infertility? What role does uterine microbial ecosystem play in infertility?

Other than antibiotics, what things alter the uterine and placental microbiomes?

Sending much love to the microbiologists who are working to find answers to these, and many more questions.  I personally can’t wait to read more.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)