Global Midwifery

Visitors from everywhere

When we were training in Nayngezi, we were very isolated from the rest of the world. No phone, no internet and very few people who even spoke our language. But Nayngezi was a rural area, Nairobi is a major metropolitan melting pot with residents and visitors from around the world.

In our retreat center we have met:

A Sudanese woman who came for vacation and relaxation.

An Indian man living in the USA who had just spent a month in Sudan to be at the birth of a new nation.

A South African pastor in Nairobi to preach.

A family from Belgium helping to train counselors in Nairobi.

A group of teenagers just returning from a year of student exchange in the USA.

A group of teenagers preparing to spend a year of student exchange in the USA.

A recent college graduate from the USA planning to spend a year completing an internship in microfinance.

A dutch couple whose host for their week long visit was suddenly called away.

An eastern European couple who did not speak enough English for us to communicate.

Busy place, and very fun.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)