Birth Professionals

What a mom needs

Today we have thoughts from two guest mentors that really highlight the things that helped them labor.

Thank you to guest mentor Leah for this thought about preparation.

My natural childbirth experience with Bradley method 9 years ago was the most amazing moment of my life. I was very lucky to have a doula at my side and a partner who was supportive and caring. I did not need any pain medicine, because I tapped into the Bradley breathing and meditation techniques. It was a more healthy way for my child to enter this world than the way I did – lethargic because of doses of Demerol to my mother. I immediately got to interact with my girl. My doula helped with my slight postpartum depression as well in a natural way, which helped my child again not receive unnecessary medication.

Thank you to Darby for this thought about labor support.

I am a mom with three kids, all birthed naturally. My last one was at home, and happened so fast only my midwife was present as the second didn’t make it. My hubbie was the second and I loved it. There is more of a story there. I have also helped at a friends hospital/natural birth which was amazing. I think the key that birth professionals need to know (or at least one of them) is when your in it, and the panic sets in, that they get you to look at them, tell you your doing a great job, and that you can do it! I know it sounds basic but hearing that when I was starting to panic made all the difference. Calmed me down and let me know this is normal, and I am almost there!

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)