Healthy Pregnancy

What is “quickening?”

Quickening is the term given to the time in pregnancy when you can feel the baby move. This is generally around the 4th or 5th month.Once you understand what it feels like when the baby moves, you should be feeling the baby move every day.

Advice from experienced mothers

  • Babies tend to be more active when mom slows down and relaxes. The theory is that when mom is active the movement of the pelvis rocks the baby to sleep.
  • You will not hurt the baby by pushing back gently. Go ahead and play with him.
  • As baby grows, the movements will shift from kicks to rolls or twists.
  • If baby’s kicks are uncomfortable (such as ones to the ribs), try to do some pelvic rocking or walking to see if you can get the baby to shift positions a little.
Jennifer (Author)