Healthy Pregnancy

What to do about fatigue during pregnancy

Your metabolism has increased significantly as your body builds your baby, so your body’s energy demands have greatly increased. The changing hormone levels are also very demanding on your body. These work together to cause you to be very tired in early pregnancy. In the tired trimester, you may find that the extra effort it takes to carry around the extra weight, combined with the difficulty sleeping at night, makes you tired. It is important to eat enough for your energy demands, especially Iron.

Some Women Have Tried…

  • Ask your doctor to check your blood iron levels. If they are low you will need to change your diet or supplement to regain your energy.
  • Be diligent about your eating. You must eat enough food every day, and you must eat a balanced meal every day.
  • Take rest times during the day. Sometimes 10 minutes of abdominal breathing with your feet up can be as good as a long nap.
  • Drink plenty of water. One of the effects of dehydration is to make you tired.
  • Get some exercise every day. Exercise helps keep your energy levels higher during pregnancy and increases your stamina for labor.
  • Make a mixture of 3 drops basil, 3 drops black pepper and 3 drops peppermint. Put a few drops in a vaporizer or on a tissue placed behind a radiator. This mixture will help with alertness and concentration.
Jennifer (Author)