Healthy Pregnancy

What to do about heartburn during pregnancy

Your growing uterus putting pressure on your digestive system, along with your sluggish digestive system, may cause you to feel uncomfortable after you eat. Although it is considered normal in pregnancy, some changes in your eating habits may help to relieve some of the discomfort.

 Some Women Have Tried…

  • Eat smaller meals. This will decrease the pressure on your digestive system and may make digesting easier.
  • Eat more frequent meals. This will prevent dips in blood sugar that may cause indigestion.
  • Drink more water and eat adequate amounts of fiber to help move the food through the digestive system.
  • Go for a walk after dinner. Walking is a natural way to aid digestion.
  • Peppermint or ginger tea may help.
  • Add two drops each mandarin (or lemon) and peppermint oil to two teaspoons of a carrier oil. Apply this to the painful area or massage on the solar plexus. Alternately, the oils can be dripped onto a tissue. Hold the tissue near the nose and inhale deeply.
  • Try pelvic rocking, which moves the uterus into a different position and may give your body enough room to complete digestion.
  • Reflexology treatments for the digestive system once a week may help.
  • Pay attention to the way you feel after you eat different foods. If some foods or types of food make you feel ill, minimize them in your diet.
  • Keep track of what you are eating for a day or two, then compare it to a healthy pregnancy diet. It’s possible that in the hustle and bustle of the day you are overlooking a key to good health.
  • If you are finding yourself frequently sick after eating, talk to your caregiver. You may have developed a lactose intolerance (having problems after eating dairy foods), be having gall bladder problems (uncomfortable after eating fatty foods) or another normal but less common symptom of pregnancy.
Jennifer (Author)