Healthy Pregnancy

What to do about low libido during pregnancy

Physical discomfort, fatigue, hormonal changes and a changing body image work together to cause a decreased desire for physical intimacy when pregnant. Some couples are afraid to continue with sexual relations for fear it may hurt the baby.

Some Women Have Tried…

  • Understand that intimacy, sexual play and intercourse are all safe during pregnancy, unless your caregiver has told you to abstain.
  • Try new positions that allow better access or take the pressure off your abdomen and back.
  • You may find that it is more comfortable to spend your time in sexual play rather than intercourse.
  • Accept that there may be days you simply cannot get your body to want to be touched.
  • Focus on activities that avoid overly sensitive or sore parts of your body.
  • Make sure you are getting adequate exercise. Exercise will improve your stamina and your overall feelings of well-being.
  • Take time to deal with other sources of stress in your life. Excess stress can further dampen the libido.
  • Allow more time to build your desire. Begin with a sensual massage or relaxing bath to help stimulate desire.
  • Mix 4 drops lavender, 2 drops bitter orange and 2 drops ylang ylang into one half ounces of jojoba oil. Apply a drop to the inside of the wrists, elbow creases and or neck to help stimulate desire.
  • Mix 3 drops bergamot, 2 drops sweet orange and 1 drop sandalwood with 2 ounces of floral water. Keep this in a spray bottle and mist the air or spray on yourself to help increase desire.
  • Schedule a pregnancy photo shoot with a professional photographer. Seeing beautiful images of your body can help remove unnecessary fears that pregnancy has made you unattractive.
Jennifer (Author)