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Yes, Maternal Mortality is Preventable

If you are a “boots on the ground” childbirth professional, you may not have paid much attention to the growing movement of maternal mortality review in the United States. It’s a simple concept. If we pay attention to the reasons women are dying during pregnancy and post-partum, we can identify areas of action to hep prevent those deaths.

Sound interesting?  You can “catch-up” on the work in this new report that synthesizes what has been learned from maternal mortality reviews in nine states.

Just want the highlights? Basically, we know that most pregnancy related deaths in the United States are preventable.  We know the causes of death differ by race. We know cardiovascular issues are important, though the distinct causes would need different interventions (hemorrhage is prevented differently than cardiomyopathy). We know infection still happens.

Just need suggestions for practice improvement?  Download the report and go directly to Appendix D: Recommendations for Action

Jennifer (Author)