Global Midwifery

Back Home

Tammy and I have been back home for a couple weeks now. That first week back was super busy; my sister was visiting and Tammy had two sons heading off to college. The second week allowed us a little rest as we moved back to the swing of daily life. But there were still odds and ends from the trip to attend to.

I got to work on a newsletter for the people who were following the trip, and almost have it ready to mail out. I also put photos and stories from the trip into a powerpoint presentation so I can send copies of it to the people who supported the trip. I also needed to work through the finances to make sure we knew just how much it costs to send a team.

We have already been in email contact with Flory and Georgette, senator David and even Justin (the thug *grin*). Georgette has found a piece of land she feels will be suitable for the midwives garden, but I didn’t understand everything she wrote. So goes the conversation when only one of the parties can speak both languages. I’ll keep you posted.

Jennifer Vanderlaan (Author)